Infrastructure for Future:

The Sant Pau Group

At the Climate Infrastructure Forum 2019 (4-5 March, Barcelona), the following Statement was presented, and has since been updated to integrate feedback and inputs from participants in the Forum.

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We, the undersigned, recognize the need to significantly step-up action and accelerate implementation of sustainable infrastructure in support of the Paris Agreement’s objectives and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We hereby announce our commitment to establish a cross-sector sherpa group – Infrastructure for Future (Infra4Future) – that brings together change leaders from the public, private, and civil society sectors to co-create, promote, and deploy transformative initiatives in order to accelerate the transition to sustainable infrastructure.


Infrastructure is the backbone of climate action and a key enabler of sustainable development. Without low-carbon, high-resilience infrastructure, it will not be possible to deliver on the SDGs. Today about 70% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from the construction and operations of infrastructure. By 2035 global infrastructure is expected to more than double, making it imperative to develop low-carbon, resilient and sustainable infrastructure. Developing countries are set to expand their infrastructure as large portions of their population still lack access to basic infrastructure services such as energy, housing, water, sanitation, transport and more. Developed countries have ageing infrastructure that needs to be adapted, updated or replaced. A recent World Bank study found that an additional 100 million people will live in poverty due to climate change by 2030 if countries fail to address these challenges.


The world is on track to exceed its carbon budget and lock in a 1.5°C warming in fewer than 12 years. When it comes to infrastructure-related climate action, however, the window of opportunity is shorter. Once an infrastructure project is financed and built, its resulting emissions will be locked in for the entire project lifecycle, ranging from 20 to 40 years on average. Choosing the right type of infrastructure investment will be crucial to eradicate poverty and achieve the SDGs.


Our common future will be largely determined by the infrastructure decisions and the action we will take in the next few years. Infrastructure is the single most important lever for sustainable development. It is time to seize this historical opportunity to accelerate the transition to sustainable infrastructure.


We commit to join efforts and diligently explore the relevant climate infrastructure agenda items (see annex).


We, the undersigned, commit to collaborating diligently with a goal of finalizing the terms and structure of Infra4Future by the first quarter 2020.



Marc Ribó

Business Development,
Captura de pantalla 2019-01-21 a las 16.25.21

Sebastian Kind

Undersecretary for
Renewable Energy and
Energy Efficiency,
Ministry of Finance,

Sylvain Nachef

Director of
International Business Development,
Bouygues Energies & Services

Kirsten Snow Spalding

Senior Program Director,
Investor Network,

Kirsten Dunlop

EIT Climate KIC

Luigi Carafa

Executive Director,
Climate Infrastructure Partnership

Francisco Benedito

CEO Climatetrade
profile photo (2)

Mar Beltran

Director of Real Assets,

Antonio Burgueño Muñoz

Director of Quality,
CSR and R&D,
FCC Construcción

Gino Van Begin

Secretary General,

Pia Heidenmark Cook

CSO, Ingka Group

John Tidmarsh

Chief Investment Officer,
R20 Regions of Climate Action

Robert Metzke

Global Head of Sustainability,
Chief of Staff Innovation
& Strategy Royal Philips

Doblas-Reyes Francisco

Director of
Earth Sciences Department,
Barcelona Supercomputing Center

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